Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ghosts from the past still haunting Birmingham

Just when one thought the past was the past then comes former mayor Richard Arrington and his new Jefferson County Citizens Coalitions. I could have sworn that the Citizens Coalition dissolved and why would this ghost from the past comeback to haunt us?

Anyways, here's the slate of candidate in endorsements from the "New Jefferson County Citizens Coalitions":

District 1 Joel Montgomery
District 2 Rolanda Hollis
District 4 Maxine Parker
District 5 Charlie L. Williams
District 6 Sheila Tyson
District 7 James Earnest Roberson Jr.
District 8 Gerri Robinson
District 9 James Edward Williams Jr.

Now, Shelia Tyson's name showed up on this list has be saying "Hmmmm" because she is 2007 mayoral candidate Patrick Cooper's former campaign manager. Now she is being endorsed by Arrington's group, either Cooper and Arrington are in cohorts or something here is very fishy. Then they endorse Joel Montgomery when he isn't exactly know for walking on the straight and narrow I'm not saying, but I'm just saying...

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