Saturday, August 22, 2009

Well, at least he's getting a new venue

Mayor Larry Langford did get his confirmation from Judge Scott Coogler granted the 'change of venue' for his federal trial on 64 of the 101 counts including money laundering and tax fraud from Birmingham to Tuscaloosa on October 19. His claims including more time to rehabilitate from his recent surgery on his throat and mouth and more time for his legal team to prepare in light of co-defendants Al LaPierre and William Blount pleading guilty. He also throw around that the Birmingham media was another cause, but Tuscaloosa is still in the same DMA (demographic market area) as Birmingham.

However, he was out and about in Titusville at the announcement of the construction of 26 new single-family homes. He did make an appears to be alright, so why is he out and about trying to be seen when he claimed to need time to recoup?

Mayor Langford is crazy if you ask me because I would be doing what I claim I need to do that is rest....

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