Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jefferson County Commission is broke and going to stay that way until January

I guess even though the Jefferson County occupational tax has been passed by the useless state legislature, the claim is there is no funds to bring back on the employees that were furloughed on August 1st.  Well, after today's ruling by the Alabama Supreme Court that the 1999 version of the occupational tax is illegal and the county can't touch the $14M in escrow. 

After today's Jefferson County Commission meeting, there will be nothing but bickering and fighting that will continue to ensue for awhile now.  At today's meeting, Commissioner Shelia Smoot was yelling at county department executive directors about how "they can't do anything although they keep asking them".  It was a scene to say the least involving what went down.  Smoot and Bell have thrown around the idea of the County should take out a loan to cover operations cost until January 1, 2010 when the new occupational tax including professionals and business owners goes into affect.
Well, this doesn't look good at all for anybody that works for the County as a regular hourly wage-earner.  This place will continue to be long lines and chaos for a while to come.

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