Thursday, August 27, 2009

Now this is funny, 2 stores are coming to the Summit from Vestavia City Center and Bridge Street in Huntsville

The intimate apparel store, the Fitting Touch and women's boutique, Moods, are leaving their current respective centers in Vestavia Hills and Huntsville to locate the Summit.  The Fitting Touch is located in between White House/Black Market and Swoozie's in the main strip of the center; whereas, Moods is locating in the Saks Plaza in between J.Crew and MARY. 

LOL, it's funny how everybody in Huntsville was talking about how much Bridge Street was going to be this major upscale project for Huntsville and the Tennessee Valley and now retailers are leaving it along with the fact that there still no major anchors to the center.  The main tenants are the run-of-the-mill stores like Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Old Navy, etc. along side a few exclusive tenants like Juicy Couture and Ketchup. The Summit has those former tenants as well, but most of them are on their way out since their leases are set to expire in 2012, and the center's owner, Bayer Properties, made it known they are not being renewed.  The Summit is also within the corporate limits of Birmingham, so it is a true city landmark and super-regional destination for upscale shopping.  I wouldn't be a bit of surprised if Juicy Couture moves to the Summit in a few years since Bridge Street is a bust.

Vestavia Hills City Center was already out is its league because it was designed to be local open-air lifestyle center and nothing more than that.  It's been losing tenants left and right because of the extremely high leasing rates along with the tomfuckery owners and management of AIG Baker.  Yeah, this company is affiliated with the same federally-bailed out AIG that foots the financing for this commercial real estate company with developments in AL, GA, TN, FL, MS, and SC.  The only thing good about the company is its efforts to redevelop some older centers like Vestavia City Center, which used to be Vestavia Center enclosed shopping mall, and 1-million square-foot Wildwood Center in Homewood.  I do find that very admirable because the last thing Birmingham needs is more urban sprawl.

Good job, Bayer Properties and Birmingham!

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