Friday, July 13, 2012

What is really hurting TV News?

Gallup published a new poll that says that most Americans are losing faith in the US media.

I can sum it up quite simply.  The majority of the US media panders towards protecting the right-of-center and it has become even more obvious after Joe Williams, formerly of Albritton's Politico, last month.  He accurately pointed out that generally speaking the US news media does play a game of distraction and pandering to the those right-of-center since that is the "swing voters" and eyeballs that captivates the pallid of  advertisers.

Meanwhile, I have few words for what can be done other than people waking up.  You have to stressed that people do need to wake up about what is going on in this country.  The right wing-led Congress are the ones holding up economic progress of the US from being so corporate welfare-based capitalism towards a more socially democratic one.

I always remain objective and this is the truth, there is a lot of bullshit being perpetuated by the US media and until then I will continue watching the BBC World News and PBS Newssource for a more accurate and objective perspective of news worldwide.

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