Sunday, October 14, 2012

You can tell when some splaboos are miserable souls

Well, pardon the happy couple for being happy.  Back in September, Nathanael Gay and Robert Brown decided to wed at the Griffin Gate Marriott resort in Lexington (Kentucky).  They even had friends, family, and even fellow line brothers (LBs) of Nathanael's fraternity (Kappa Alpha Psi) in attendance.

Meanwhile, I swear some splaboos are always on the beat being assholes towards black LGBTs that found happiness.  The trolls at Bossip always on their jobs of being the "typical gossiping yet judgmental homophobes".  I have to give Clutch magazine credit for being quite pragmatic and optimistic because these men decided to be open and comfortable about themselves.

Others including Rod McCullom are reporting that the Twitter-verse was going crazy a couple of days ago with idiots making homophobic notions about the happy couple.  I swear it seems like some members of folk would rather somebody be bitter and fucked up like them than happy.  Ignorance running-a-mok...

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