Saturday, May 12, 2012

2 fails and a success (sort of...)

OK, North Carolina and its ability to negate the fact that it is a Southern state with fools at the wheel leading it future, FAIL!  FYI, same-sex unionships were already banned at a state-level in North Carolina prior to this referendum.  It is interesting that the majority of people would be willing to vote for an amendment that would essentially strip even common law heterosexual couples of recognition, domestic partnership benefits, and domestic violence protections.  North Carolina is a state of dichotomy with very socially progressive urban areas, but staunch socially conservative (and very regressive) rural areas.  It is very dubious mentality for a place that wants to the most competitive state of the New South (against Georgia, Virginia, Florida, and Maryland).  It seems at the moment, Maryland has the last laugh on this front, but theirs is up for the ballot as well.

Oh yeah, let me not forget President Obama affirming support for "marriage equality" for all including same-sex couples, which is a win, sort of...  The catch is he still believes it should be up to the individual states to decide for themselves whether or not they will be marriage equality for both heterosexual and homosexual relationships.  Interestingly, the perspective of likely the most prudent compromise of supporting same-sex unionships, i.e., "same-sex marriages", but remaining pragmatic which allows those whom use the guise of states' rights as a reason to non the measures.

To be more interesting, former Congressman, Artur Davis decided to blog about the President's announcement.  He attempted legitimized the opposition that exists amongst so many black Americans.  He has the tried and true argument that has been used by so many older black Americans about the disarray of stable coupling of younger generations of adults.  Yeah, I would agree that there needs to be more stability of relationships of black adults in general, but the scapegoating of same-sex couples as an additional threat is ludicrous.  This all goes back to the notion there aren't good male role models for black male youths to display to these impressible minds that responsibility of be a good father (and stop fucking every thing that walks without a condom).  It is quite faulty for Davis to use this as a justification of banning the extension of basic rights afforded to most in other Westernized nations to all their monogamous and committed couples of all combinations (male-female, male-male, female-female).  This is one situation where I don't agree with Davis attempt to be pragmatic when you are simply giving validity to myopia, FAIL!

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  1. Thank you! I am here in Raleigh and it failed here in wake county. The even funnier part is the most educated counties were the only 7 to defeat the marriage amendment were the ones it failed in. I am so upset at negroes shucking and jiving for anything they put the lord's name on. These white folks aint thinkin about your asses no other time until it came to the issue of the gays.



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