Sunday, August 26, 2012

Do I honestly care?

Do I care that on former Alabama Democratic gubernatorial nominee turned Virginia Republican Congressional candidate, Artur Davis, is set to be speak at the Republican National Convention this week in Tampa?  Nope.

I still don't care at all, my ambivalence towards his existence because he is still carrying on his brat-like, vindictive behavior because he is still butt-hurt from losing the 2010 Democratic nomination to the Sand Mountain redneck, whom as well turned into a Republican as well, Ron Sparks.  Yeah, Davis has spent the past few months galavanting with the Angry White People Coalition, i.e., T.E.A. Twats in Virginia. Oh yeah, he wants so badly to impress those delusional and psychologically disengaged whites in the far-flung exburbs of Washington DC in Northern Virginia.

Meanwhile, Sparks is not only apart of the Bentley administration as an "economic development liaison", which doesn't amount to heap of beans because that position has about as much pull as I do as a being a political consultant at the moment, but he has been quieter than whore in church.  This is another episode of the Alabama Democratic Party (ADP) being duped into believing anyone with integrity would actually want to run for anything outside of Birmingham or maybe the other 3 larger cities in that state.  Alabama is currently a place where everyone has been polarized long before the current trend plaguing the US as a whole, except it is based upon social egalitarian progression versus status quo and circling of the wagons.  The few whom are for social egalitarian progression has been vastly outnumbered by 2:1 to those whom want to maintain status quo and circling of the wagons for their particular interests.  (FYI, Redeye, yeah those like Joe Reed, AEA, and the homophobic coalition are a part of the latter rather than former...)

It's embarrassing if you ask me because I'm not the type of person that set my hopes so high for a state that has repeated violated human rights and civil liberties of anyone that isn't a cisgendered, white, heterosexual male.  Then again, folk isn't innocent either when many of the state legislative representation they sent to Montgomery are always trying to work against LGBTs, whom are black as well, and whom live in their very districts in Birmingham.

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