Sunday, August 19, 2012

Who's really the liar in this election season?

I ask this question why so many Americans are whining and saying "both candidates are one in the same".  However, as somebody that usually gives a fair shake of anyone prior to discerning whether they are a liar or overall honest individual.  In politics, that same rules apply when assessments are made.

Sorry, but overwhelming evidence displays that the Romney/Ryan ticket is just chalk full of lies on top of lies.        This is sad when there are actual blogs dedicated to Romney's plethora of lies and even credible journalists are even able to provide long form documentation of the lies.  Paul Ryan just plain lies about himself from Medicare to his beliefs in Ayn Rand to his acceptance of actual fund from the 2009 stimulus for pet projects.    I believe most people paying attention to the actions for both candidates on this ticket is just done right obvious.  However, it has been shown that partisans on both sides are more defiant towards listening to counterarguments of the other side more than anything else this year.  (This might be a recipe for an extremely polarized political environment in the short-term future)

Now don't get me wrong I have my problems with President Obama for starters refusing to stand up and issue an executive orders forcing many states to and jurisdictions to recognize marriage equality even it is only civil unionships (for the time being), enforce some form of job programs that enables those of us having trouble getting into the full time employment in the workforce, and allowing the Bush-era tax cuts on households with incomes above $250,000 be sustained for another year.  Let me not forget his reluctance to promote marriage equality until Joe Biden opened his unfiltered mouth.  However, the President hasn't told a bold face lie about any of his own shortcomings.

Romney and Ryan are lies, plain and simple.  It just seems that the President is be a better choice...

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