Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fiscal Cliffhanger

Is there truly a fiscal cliff or a dramatic cliffhanger for the US media to run-amok with as usual so they have some headline to keep eyeballs captivated?  We have so many things going on around this nation at the moment ranging from the high employment, racial animus at an all time high, faltering infrastructure, and let's not forget the climate change on going.

Now with the psychologically defected exposed nationwide for the racially averse heretics they are, their deranged representatives in DC are now playing chicken with the nation's financial future do the usual "to show that damn nigger in office who's boss".  However, what those assholes doesn't realize is that the majority of the citizenry will hold their sorry asses accountable this time not President Obama.  Oops, I bet their asses did see that one coming!

Yeah, we have a number of things to worry about right now, so this fiscal cliffhanger shouldn't even be one of them at the moment....

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