Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Suspiciously Quietness of the racially charged incident at the RNC event

The $10,000 question is what really happened when the 2 alternate delegates during the RNC convention on Tuesday pelted CNN camerawoman, Patricia Carroll, with nuts?  The unusual silence of CNN and the expected covering of their assess for fear of negative publicity, RNC, seems extremely suspicious.  CNN is as many know has been trying to live up to the faux "fair and balance" journalism role that I pointed out in the  entry on US media outlets about 2 months ago.

Now after getting word from a specific commentor on the Washington Post columnist, Erik Wemple's blog how on Wednesday, the Alabama Republican Delegation head, Bill Armistead, was interview by Democracy Now's Amy Goodman.  The commentor was pointing how he was acting as if he knew whom it was and what state exactly but didn't want to reveal the identity of the 2 individuals.  Interestingly, now how they want to reach out to Ms. Carroll and apologize now.  I guess to cover their asses if their names are ever revealed...Also something tells me it was 2 members of the Alabama delegation because they would be good for old fashion racial animus considering how it is so involved in ignorance running amok without anybody willing to check them on it.  Hell, as I pointed out the Alabama Democratic Party isn't too much better because they placate ignoramuses to keep their rolls up on memberships, can you say Craig Ford from Gadsden? 

This whole incident shows CNN needs to stop placating ignorance and expose it.  Hell, the BBC is owned by the British government via being a public broadcasting entity yet they will call them out in a heartbeat.  It just goes to show how scary and manipulated so easily for fear of reprisal by the GOP.

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