Saturday, March 27, 2010

The battle in GA amongst the Governor, State Assmbly Republicans, and the Attorney General

Another health care reform passage spin-off, instead of the Georgia Attorney General Thurbert Baker joining the ranks of the other Southern state attorney generals like the gay obsessed Virginia AG Ken Cuccinelli, closeted Alabama AG Troy King, South Carolina AG Henry McMaster, Florida AG Bill McCollum, and Louisiana James D. "Buddy" Cadwell (who is a Democratic, probably a socially conservative one that allowed Mr. Jindal aka "Mr. I wish I was a white" to encourage him), and Texas AG Greg Abbott suing the federal government over the health care bill.  He is refusing to sue over the healthcare reform law and its enforcement, so the Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue along with Republican-majority State Assembly are pushing for the state to sue on its own and impeach Baker over his refusal.  Perdue was attempt to use an ultimatum to force Baker to react and file a suit against the portion of the law requiring all individuals to obtain health insurance as unconstitutional.  However, Baker also a Democratic gubernatorial candidate refused to oblige to the threats.  

GOOD FOR YOU, BAKER.  I wouldn't listen to the idiocy and political grandstanding bullshit either because it's a waste of state funds when there are more imperative things that all these states need to be concerned with like a balanced budget...

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