Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Another blow to blacks aspiring to obtain more upward mobility (economically)

Another study released by Institute of Assets and Social Policy (IASP) confirmed what has been going on for awhile now, white American families are more likely to have better choice of economic upward mobility than black American families.  This gap accelerated during the period from 1984 to 2007.

Now this doesn't take into account of these other issues already plaguing most black Americans since as high chances of dealing with poverty, lack of access to resources to provide an adequate education, so on.  It's like the same song, but more proof of its existence.  Now the real question is when will social justice and economic equitable policy will be enforced to improve this situation.

Oh yeah, h/t to African American Political Pundit on the calling out the NAACP on their dropping their predatory lending lawsuit against Wells Fargo so they would be a title sponsor of their annual July conference.  It just shows that the average, hardworking black family is practically on their own when it comes to having social groups lobbying for such social justice in public policy-making.  

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