Friday, May 28, 2010

Alabama's Democratic gubernatorial primary update

Since all the gubernatorial primaries will occur next Tuesday, I felt the need to comment on the status of the races in the Alabama.  Well, it's confirmed that Artur Davis is pretty much going to be the winner of the Democratic primary since he is beating Ron Sparks in most polls with key demographic groups.  On the Republican side, it's going to be a toss-up if not a run-off between Bradley Byrnes and Tim James, the other candidates such as the controversial and all-around bigot Roy Moore (just Google "Roy Moore controversy" and you see what I mean) and other nobodies will be left in the dust.  However, what really irks me more than anything else is the lack of resolution of any of the candidates discussing the issues like gambling and the lack of ethnics reform.  Constitutional reform is getting some attention only via the Davis campaign, but the others are seems to ignore the existence of such.  In other words, aside from Davis all of them sound like business as usual without any derivation from the status quo of the past 3 decades in Montgomery. 

On the foolishness from the stupid ass campaign ads by James with "common sense" as the central theme (see here, here, and here) to the front organization called "Concerned Citizens" set up by Republicans and the Alabama Education Association (AEA) railing against Byrnes to the Byrnes and his reactionary, uninspiring campaign ads (this one alone sums up his whole lame campaign) themselves has made for another typical personality-and-association only campaign ignoring the issues on the Republican side.  In the past 2 weeks Ron Sparks finally was able to gather enough spare change after running an essentially penurious operation to finally air campaign ads on television.  Also this week, Sparks realizing (finally) that he is on the losing end of things that he must actually attack Davis with something on TV and radio, but the futility of the ads are laughable.  Especially, considering Sparks has been connected to being a racially bias towards Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industry employees, getting a suspiciously large private loan from a Montgomery area community bank, being directly connected to special interest groups (cue AEA, Alabama Power, ALFA, & crew), and being involved with incendiary individuals like Milton McGregor and James Powell of the political consultant group Matrix, LLC, who were involved with the racially bias and homophobic mayoral campaigns of Larry Langford and William Bell in Birmingham.  Finally, Sparks appearing on the incomprehensible fool known as Glenn Beck's show on FOX News Channel last summer babbling in reference to global warning while clearly playing it up for the white reactionary and closed-minded crowd. 

Although Davis seems to be the best candidate amongst all these fools with endorsements of progressives like Georgia congressman and Civil Rights activist John Lewis and Illinois congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr.  However, I've already laid out the fundamental flaws of Artur Davis as a politico that will cause him more heartache down the line and have liberal activist harping for years over his stances and track history in politics.  Also Artur Davis has made known that he doesn't want any part of the ignorance involved with the Alabama black political establishment, but of course they along with Sparks wants to make it a wedge issue.  On the other hand, progressives realize that in a politically warped and socially conservative state like Alabama and the South in general one must make allegiance with Satan himself to push this state forward.    Overall, this is considering the so-called "good guys" are just a self-serving as the "bad guys".

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