Sunday, May 30, 2010

On the BP oil spill...

Well, one of the main reasons why I'm so silent on this catastrophic event is because it has become too politicized for my tastes to talk about.  Case and point, Peanut-head AKA James Carville is whining and screaming on television at Barack Obama as if he is superman that can clean up the spill himself, "Do something man!  We're dying down here!"

It's even worse with the dittoheads like Arinana Huffington of the Huffington Post calling him Obama "Nowhere Man" because he isn't trying to be everywhere all at once especially in reference to the oil spill disaster.

The rest of the media wants to allege that this is going to be "Obama's Katrina"Oh yes, President Obama is leaving thousands of people without basic needs such as food, shower, and shelter in a lawless environment to up to five days, ***EYE ROLL***.  This is my reason why I don't care to want to regularly post about this although it is occurring here in the South because once again the liberals, Democratic pundits, Republicans, and even the media is there to prove to me that all have something to prove that is "that Obama is an inadequate black man for president".  All of which is so far from reality that it's laughable, and I commend Jon Stewart of the Daily Show for making light of this overexaggeration.

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