Thursday, May 13, 2010


I've been away for about 2 weeks and now more craziness from Arizona ranging from bans on teachers with specific accents to now the ban on ethnic studies in secondary schools, colleges, and universities.  Meanwhile, the economy has made a "bounce", but it appears that those who saw the bounce now have just reentered the job market with the unemployment rate to increase.

I'm just tired of Arizona, but made it known about 3 weeks ago that the state is ran by bigoted white politicos who have a very reactionary constituency that will eat anything fed to them including bullshit.  Yeah, the economy does suck (I'm in graduate school and feel its effects even from here), and as I've been saying the Democrats need to stop chasing their tails.  When I mean chasing their tails, I mean following the rhetoric and reactions of the unsettled and foolish.  Those of us out here who are need jobs and some hope are losing what little is out here because there seems to be major droughts in the most diversified urban areas of the nation.  It's very interesting after watching the "Rebuilding America" on CNN has give me some major incite about the recession: 1) the most ethnically homogeneous metropolitan areas are the most recession proof (see Austin, Omaha, Minneapolis-St. Paul, and Des Moines etc.), 2) State and local governments particularly in the most diversified areas are suffering the most with the hemorrhaging of jobs (positions held by usually non-whites or lower salary), and 3) College graduates are the main ones being shut out of the job market the most often because of their lack of "experience" even for entry-level positions.

Houston, Washington, Atlanta, Dallas, Miami, etc. and the rest of the South, we have a problem.  There aren't any jobs for the young people, your future leaders, and they are either forced to take meager jobs that pays below the base living wage of the area or is hiding in the world of academia while accumulating tolls of college loan debt just to survive.  You have a growing diverse young population that can't even start their adult lives because of the unrealistic expectations of this group to attain a job, many of you harboring unresolved ethnic and racial bias leading to them be passed over for job although highly qualified, and the obvious unadulterated paranoia for nothing other than your lack of foresight for the future.  It's time for many of you guys to WAKE UP AND GROW UP! because you guys claim to be the adults but are carrying on worse than us "children" (as many of you claim we are to you).

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