Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm loving this foolishness

Today, Alabama Democratic gubernatorial candidate announced today that he isn't looking for endorsement from either the Alabama Democratic Coalition, Alabama New South Coalition, etc.  This is following the press release from the New South Coalition that would meet and decide to endorse a candidate in the Alabama Democratic gubernatorial primary on Saturday.  He made it pretty clear with this statement:

“The night I was elected to Congress in 2002, I declared that while I have great respect for the legacies of ADC, the Alabama New South Coalition, and the Jefferson County Citizen’s Coalition, the day has ended when these groups decide who wins the support of black voters in this state.  My election that night-- in the face of unanimous opposition from these groups and their leadership-- proved as much.  The latest proof will be our win on June 1 over the traditional power-brokers who are backing Ron Sparks.

Sparks and the Montgomery insiders who fuel his candidacy still believe that black voters require a sample ballot and an “x” to know who they need to vote for. They also believe that the old politics of “GOTV” money and “influence” over appointed positions is the path to win black political support.  Finally, they have the nerve to seek African American support while offering coded language about the “electability” of black candidates.

The old politics and the old ways of doing things have broken down in this state and Alabamians of all races deserve a new approach.  Democrats who are tired of losing five of the last six governors’ races should also welcome a campaign that is about reforming our politics and our economy and our schools and not stale arguments over “electability” or closed door promises and deals.

For these reasons, I have decided not to participate in the screening processes of ADC, New South, or the Coalition. As much as I admire the legacy of these groups and their current contributions, the African American voters who will participate in the primary need no permission, and no sample ballots, to decide who they favor in this Governor’s race.  In fact, the best way to honor the legacy of Senator Sanders, Dr. Reed, and Dr. Arrington is for candidates to give black Alabamians the respect of honoring their independence and their capacity to make informed judgments.”
LMAO, this is too much for me since I know Joe Reed would have let hell froze over before he would allow ADC to endorse Davis.  However, if the ADC does endorse Sparks over Davis and he loses their credibility would be shot.  Now, I'm not really aversive toward the Alabama New South Coalition, but they like the increasingly useless ADC shouldn't use their pull to wield some power of progressive black politicos so they can further their power into another generation.  It's got to cease and desist with these groups because their reasons of existence is purely political and truly lacks the social activism of NAACP or SCLC.  Davis is so right to ignore them both...

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