Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Oh, the Democratic Two-Step and a little info for them to think about

Since Evan Buh-Bayh is going "home" to become a lobbyist, now there is hysteria of carnage come November for Democrats.  Let's be a little more realistic!

1. Evan Bayh wasn't going to win in the long run because Indiana is one of the bipolar states of the nation where rational is wrong and irrational is right.  In other words, if you have a sense of rationality you would likely lose an election.  He was polling well, but he would have lost simply because the Democratic caravan of wagons would abandon him over the healthcare debacle. 
2. These other Democrats or Dumbocrats as I call them, would have jumped ship as well because they are letting the Angry White People Coalition AKA "TEA Party" scare them.  You can win if you run a campaign based on the platform rather than rhetoric.  However, most of these Dumbocrats can't even do that because they are the proverbial "wind guage" of the politcal establishment. 
3. Republicans aren't going to gain many if any seats.  If anything this is election year is going to be a "wake up call" to a number of complacent politicos.  Those who are buying into polls are IDIOTS.  The common political reality still exists, older whites are going to be the majority of those voting come November because the other demographic of voters are lazy and just as complacent as the politicos.

Now since I've said that, it's time to call out what needs to occur and can occur to as resultl

1. Black and other non-white voters needs to step it up and get out and vote.  If you let older, simple-minded white voters make up your representation in Congress, state capitols, county government, or municipal governments then you deserve what you get.  2008 proved that there is power in numbers, knowledge, and awareness.  The Angry White People Coalition isn't that powerful, they are just more vocal, and the media gives life to their fuckery. 
2. LGBT/SGLs with common sense and logic needs to cancel out the fools and vote for progressive pragmatic politicos and not let the bitch-asses who will follow the fools by "jumping off the bridge" by force feeding legislation that doesn't stand a chance in hell of passing this year.  Most politicos are paranoid this year and with jobs as scarce as they currently are, yeah they are going to be as careful as possible.
3. Fuck the Libertarians, Angry White People Coalition, and the Conservatives!  They don't give a fuck about anybody but themselves and if you give that life by letting them define any candidate or agenda then you will lose.  Ron Paul and his ilk are asses, and call them what they are asses!  Also let's not forget that aversive racial bias will be at work, so don't fall on those silly laurels of being those doesn't exist (see Angry White People Coalition). 

Those are the facts of reality with this political year we are living in, and if those who are running for office doesn't realize this then they will suffer the consequences of stupidity, paranoia, and letting others think and define you...

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