Sunday, May 30, 2010

On Georgia's gubernatorial primaries

I've been paying attention to Georgia's gubernatorial election campaign, and one of the things that has been standing out is large slate of candidates on both the Democratic and Republican tickets.  The clear front-runner according to the latest Insider Advantage Georgia on April 7th shows that former Georgia governor Roy Barnes is leading 20 points over current Georgia Attorney General Thurbert Baker. On the Republican side, the current Georgia Insurance Commissioner is leading by not by much (about 8 points) according to the Insider Advantage Georgia latest poll conducted April 5th.

The latest foolishness that has many in Georgia politics gagging is the closed-door meeting withholding press access hosted by the Georgia Chamber of Commerce last week at the Reynold Conference Center and Resort on Lake Oconee in northeast Georgia.  This was a clear violation of Georgia open-meeting law aka "sunshine laws".  All the Republican candidates were in attendance, but only one Democratic candidate Roy Barnes was there.   However, Barnes and Georgia State Senator Jeff Chapman denounced the press restrictions.  As a matter of fact, Barnes issued a formalized press release denouncing it (too little, too late in my opinion because he looks like a crony that will associate with the wealthy to get his way).  As a matter of fact, to my knowledge Reynolds Conference Center and Resort in northeast Georgia is a place where the wealthy and corporate executives go for retreats, so Barnes has a lot of explaining to do to the average Georgian.

Like Alabama's, Georgia's gubernatorial race is going to be an interesting one...

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