Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Oh goodie! A run-off

Well, this will be a short post.  In Arkansas, where Blanche Lincoln, a conservative Democrat, that was generated quite a bit of controversy for herself over the years for being a moderate and recently voting against the health care reform legislative package.  On Tuesday, dubbed by the media as "Mini-Super Tuesday" (***EYE ROLL***) was a loss for a number of moderate Democrats where recent change over longtime Pennsylvania senator, Arlen Specter, lost to Pennsylvania Congressman Joe Sestak in the Democratic primary there.  Sestak will face Republican challenger and fellow congressman, Pat Toomey, in the November.  I guess opportunistic motives doesn't pay off at all and even the President abandoned you.

Oh yeah, let me not forget that aversive racist and libertarian while claiming to be Republican Congressman, Ron Paul's son Rand Paul won the Republican primary in Kentucky last night as well.  It's just a gift that just keeps giving (***EYE ROLL***).  Anybody with any history of the Pauls know how their libertarianism is more aversive racist in mantra and foolishness.

On to the main event at hand, Blanche Lincoln will be facing the liberal interest group-supported candidate and Arkansas Lieutenant Governor Bill Halter in June for a run-off.  Oh boy, I can't wait to see what type of stupidity will be pedaled after seeing some of these ads on evening newscasts.  FYI, liberal interest groups, as a progressive Southern that knows what's good, if Halter does prevail, I can guarantee you that the Republicans will win in November.  Arkansas is not a North Carolina or Virginia where there is a substantial progressive and liberal electorate that will secure the state in the Democrat's column.  However, if you want to toss Lincoln because you believe that having a more liberal candidate will secure a vote for liberal causes (rather than progressive one) then I have a bridge to sell you guys for a dollar.  Arkansas is a conservative Southern state that survived as a Democratic stronghold from the pre-Southern strategy era because of the conservatism of their candidates who run for statewide office.  Yeah, unions can get you a little sway, but ultimately I just don't see Halter winning in the fall.  However, that's just my objective assessment of the situation...


  1. Rand is crazy, watch him on Rachel Maddow

  2. Oh yeah, I posted a blog about that today discussing the convoluted mindset of him and his father. The both of them are enemies of social progressives because neither one of them believe in egalitarian views on race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.



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