Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rand Paul, the politician and the clueless when it comes to public policy


Rand Paul, son of that aversive racist, self-proclaimed libertarian yet politically identified Republican, Ron Paul, has proven that he is an idiot when it comes to public policy and obviously A'OK with racial bias in the private sector.  Although the Civil Rights of 1964 has prohibited such business that uses public services and has products and services that crosses state lines, Rand Paul has made it known that it shouldn't be left up to the federal government to impose their views on private businesses.  In other words, he is A'OK with it, but won't say it up front because he knows that any political opponent or interest group would nail him to the wall. Instead, he decides to avoid answering the question and create a diversion to allude to the obvious on MSNBC's The Rachael Maddow Show (seen above) like he did in a NPR interview on a prior date.  It seems to that he wants to have it both ways, and it doesn't work that way...

This just goes back to what I've been saying for a while now, libertarianism is good in theory but very impractical and unrealistic in policy making or enforcement.  The ideology is very detrimental to social judicial policy-making and the fixing of what is wrong with our society.  Instead, it shows that many of them are just simple-minded individuals that doesn't realize (probably doesn't care) that this is another weapon to further impede social equity for everyone.  As I'm said awhile back, the T.E.A. Party is basically a group of angry, closed-minded white people that seem to be more reactionary than practical in thought process.

Oh yeah, word to those federal same-sex union (or in some words "same-sex marriages") advocates,  Rand Paul and his father isn't allies at all of your cause, just look here and here

Also the libertarian purist mindset that Ron and Rand Paul along with their followers in the T.E.A Party are just as delusional as the extreme liberals and social conservatives.  Hence why as the old saying goes even with politics, do everything in moderation, and why I'm a progressive.  In the end, this fool like his father are dangerous and talk a big game but lacks the insight or objectivity to produce social progress for all just for eurocentric-worldview, radical social conservatives.

UPDATE: The gift that keeps on giving, I've obtained the footage of his stance on the American with Disabilities Act (ADA).

So Rand Paul is A'OK with 2nd class citizenship of even disabled Americans because he doesn't want to impose such regulations on a private business owner and rather let local governments decide (***SIDE-EYE***).  This guy is a piece of work for sure, and you see his handlers see that Paul is an idiot and doesn't want anymore proof of this being exposed.  If you left it up to local and state governments then, most of the disenfranchised and minority groups would have been clamoring for their rights and privileges to this very day (especially in a state like Alabama, where the state legislature act as anything that doesn't evolve the protection of "moral values" is unimportant).  There are 2 words that comes to mind, "tacit consent", and this is of racism and racial bias.  I might contradict myself with this sentence but here I go, he and his father might not actually be "racists" but they do give tacit consent of racial bias by private businesses...

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