Friday, May 28, 2010

LOL @ Rahm "Rumball" Emanuel attempting to get PA. Congressman Sestak out of the Democratic senatorial primary with a job offer

LMAO @ this fiasco because I knew for awhile that Rumball Emanuel is a snake-in-the-grass who will do ANYTHING to get what he wants, but this is a bit extreme for even him.  Emanuel used Bill Clinton as the intermediary to convene the uncompensated job offer to Joe Sestak earlier this year to get him to drop out of the Pennsylvania Democratic senatorial primary.  According to the New York Times, Sestak was presented this offer in February.  (***KANYE SHRUG***)

I'm just getting a good laugh at this because honestly the Democratic establishment wanted Arlen Specter to remain in office for an additional term since he has quite a bit of clout in DC.  However, the things that people will to keep others in power is AMAZING.  On the other hand, I give the side-eye to the brigade of Republican Senators (including that sissified closet case Lindsey Graham) calling for a special prosecutor (cue Kenneth Starr again) to look into this, but Sestak himself is pushing this as well.  So you see that apparently Sestak was to stir up some dust himself about this, and then Pennslvania governor (and known political provocateur) Ed Randell has said that it should be explored

To sum it up, this screams vindictiveness on the part of Sestak to get even with the Obama administration for supporting Specter over him and will inadvertently will help and place him in a position to be attacked by Republicans.  However, if you want to make some real enemies then I bet this is a real good opportunity on Sestak's part.  FYI, I wasn't exactly jumping for joy that he won  because some LGBTs were cheering because of "more pro-same sex unionship" stance over the moderate stance of Specter's more moderate stance on such issues.  I roll my eyes at such subjective things when I knew some politicos are just as destructive as their opponent(s)...

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