Monday, March 22, 2010

But there's more!!!!

The blogosphere is a buzzing about Alabama Congressman and Democratic gubernatorial nominee Artur Davis' steadfast stance to vote against healthcare reform although he said it was needed.  His talking out of both sides of his mouth looks stupid and confusing on the surface, but he might have A POINT.  Now, I'm one who doesn't trying to psychologically analyze the mind of somebody as flip-flopping as Davis, but he does have a means to an end.  However, the empirical question to this whole situation is "Was the "no" vote really worth it?"

Here's my take, it might not be as serious as some people like Rod McCullom of Rod 2.0, who loves making cheap shots at Davis wherever possible but won't do the same to others while giving them Swiss cheese-like passes for their bullshit or the and the talking head brigade.  Alabama is a moderate-to-conservative state where there is more socially conservative whites that vote in drives over any other group of people.  Oh yeah for the record, although Alabama's 7th Congressional district is the most "Democratic-leaning" (as they allege only in the state, doesn't equate to most "gay-friendly" (to Rod and the simpleton brigade).  This district is quite the place for Democrats, but the kind like that isn't progressive for nothing.  Mainly since most of the LGBT population in Greater Birmingham doesn't even live in Birmingham proper, which is the coextensive with most of this district's boundary in this region.  If you want to know who makes up this district, yeah they are black but they are socially conservative and not very gay-friendly at all (just see the Birmingham municipal elections for measure).   Honestly, I believe the dog-and-pony show outside his main Birmingham office last week and the statement by his primary Ron Sparks was more for show by some this state's scrupulously simply Democratic party.  You guys can have fun on the ignorance you're pedaling around the Internet about a place you don't know, so when somebody calls you out don't say I didn't say "I TOLD YA SO!"

Anyways, Davis is a politico, who shouldn't be taken that serious, and is stuck between a rock and a hard place in this bizarre state.  He knows he was taking a political gamble being as placing your entire stack of chips on the blackjack table for wager, but he might not lose after all.  The only people he has to ultimately answer to will be those who will actually go to the voting booth come November not the hearsayer, naysayer, or talking heads that lack the facts on the blogosphere.  IN OTHER WORDS, if you are black or non-white in Alabama and eligible to vote then get off your ass and do it if you want your voice hear.   However, IMO Davis, Pelosi, and Obama were all in on his "no" vote and he was doing to protect his ass from further ostracism coming from that aforementioned simple-minded group of majority white voters in Alabama.


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