Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mudslinging Galore! Racial inneudoes and Homophobia

First Monday, Gene Adelman, the so-called "Bean Counter" on Birmingham decided to buy some ad space in the Birmingham Times and titled it "White people deserve a second chance. Vote Patrick Cooper".   Suprisely, the Birmingham chapter of the SCLC and some area ministers and pastors have called for the Bell and Cooper campaigns to denounce these racial inneudoes and tactics.  This is the kicker, publisher of the Times, James Lewis, said in the past that they have turned down ads that are "clearly vindictive, and false", but this ad was "borderline" and Adelman is well-known in the community.   However, they decided to run this because...  Sounds like to me somebody is playing sides in this and the Times doesn't like Cooper because he isn't embedded in the same cesspool of fools that have kept Birmingham stuck on neutral since the late 1980's.  Nobody is giving him a pass because Cooper has his shortfalls, but the Times' publisher isn't as objective as he claims.

Then another act came from somewhere, fliers titled "Cooper, Wrong Values, Wrong Choice" and "Cooper Won't Commit to Keeping Chief Roper", and they claim to be "Paid for by Faith in Birmingham".  The fliers peddles homophobia because Patrick Cooper supported the candidacy for Howard Bayless, Alabama's first openly gay male elected to public office, for his failed run for Birmingham City Council District 3 seat against incumbent Valerie Abbott.  The latter flier is alleging that Cooper will not keep Birmingham Police Department Chief A.C. Roper if he wins the mayoral race.  IMO, how cares in either case because anybody with half a brain will keep Roper since overall crime has been going down in the city and on Bayless there are some tacky asses that just have issues with LGBT/SGLs yet they want to scream "woo is me" all the time about this place.  Hell, LGBT/SGLs are the reason why Birmingham is gain new residents because they are the ones buying homes in the city and fixing them up.

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