Friday, January 8, 2010

Oh brother!

Now since the University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa won the Bowl Series Championship, I will continue to hear idiots go on and on and on about how good Alabama is.  BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!  If you didn't attend the UAT then shut the fuck up about "we won" crap.  Geez!  College football isn't as applicable as NFL because the franchises in the NFL represents a city, state, or region, whereas college football team just represents their school in particular and its alumni.  SMH, at negroes who spend their time getting all rared up over this mess unless your relative plays, KEEP IT MOVIN', you look like a wannabe that wants to fit in with the crazy whites around here who obsess over this mess.

I'm still shaking my head also at the idiots in the Greater Birmingham area who threatened ABC 33/40 chief meteorologist James Spann because of the potential of snowfall or icy conditions and its potential to interfere with the coverage of that stupid game last night.  I'm not really a fan of Spann since he spends so much of his time trying prove that climate change and global warming is false, but don't some people have some dignity and not believe everything they hear from some radio bozo like that twat Paul Finebaum.  I mean Finebaum has been fired from so many jobs because of his mouth than anybody else in the Birmingham media market, yet some simple as hell (white) people want to buy his every word as though it is gospel.  Hence another reason why I don't care for college football or hearsay.

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