Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More talk, but little action

I've just about had it with my fellow LGBT/SGL bloggers on their criticism of President Obama and claiming that he is a "do-nothing" president when in reality there are bigger problems at hand than their selfish mindset.  The saying "can't see the forest for the trees" comes to mind instantly after listening and reading for the past few months.  It's annoying and so obnoxious how they have spent their time whining, bitching, and moaning over nothing yet they seem to believe that these issues are precedent over the economy, healthcare, and jobs.  Fellow LGBT/SGL and blogger of color, David Kaufman, summed up with similar thought along with C.G. Shield of the Daily Athenaeum university newspaper of West Virginia University. 

The bitterness and vitriol filling LGBT attacks on the Dems must come to an end, replaced by a respectful and actionable solutions-based agenda. Most crucially, major LGBT institutions must learn from their previous mistakes and work to rectify them, rather than settling for sloppy repeats.....
This includes reckless LGBT leaders concerned more for their own bloated public images than the greater public good. Leaders like Mixner and AMERICAblog who would seem to truly want this White House to fail -- yet fail themselves to offer any sort of realistic back-up plan. Or even explain why.
He really digs into Pam Spaulding of Pam's House Blend who along with Queerty, Towerload, Ameriblog Gay, and Rod 2.0 has spent the better portion of 2009 always degrading the Obama administration while the economy has the front and center of public interest.  The often destructive sense of few will affect many, but hence why I don't have allegience to any group other than to myself because their nature of self-centeredness will prove more lethal to the cause than conductive. 


  1. I feel you. However, I am glad they do this because when Obama gets it right, we can always point the finger back at them.

    Oh, Rod still supports Obama. He is not as bad as the others. I've talked with him on twitter

  2. Yeah, I've talked with him as well on Facebook, but at times he lets the foolishness go too far on his blog. I've said that it needs to cease because it is so counterproductive to the cause.



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