Monday, January 11, 2010

So Harold Ford Jr. has been a proponent all along for something...

I don't see this as a "flip-flop" persay more than I see as just an adjustment of platform with the district he would represent in Congress.  Hey, I'm a lot more pragmatic and realistic when it comes to politics than most of my fellow black bloggers that cover LGBT/SGL issues like Rod 2.0, Pam Spaulding, etc.  He said that he has always supported civil unions, which means that he wasn't against LGBT/SGL rights rather the definition of calling it "marriage" (where I personally stand as well because "marriage" is a religious institution).  Instead Ford said that he was for civil unions, which can be called "same-sex unions" as well.  So in my book, he is just equipping himself for the Democratic primary against Kirsten Gillibrand, who wasn't as progressive as she is now when she was still a U.S. House Representative.  Somethings have to be taken with a grain of salt and that is talking points from politicos when it comes to issues because words aren't what counts rather actions.  If Ford said he has always supported civil unions then that is fine in my book when in reality it seems to some would give Gillibrand a pass just because she did the exact same thing, but in more subtle way.  When it comes down to that, that's when I call foul and bias because some in the blogosphere will give a white woman a pass but comes down hard on a black man because he is a black man.  If you are going to criticize then criticize them both, which I am doing, don't play favorites and then try to whine when in reality my stance sounded more rationale and realistic...

UPDATE: What is so interesting and prejudice is how Empire State Pride chairman Alan Van Capelle said to Ben Smith of Politico

I know Harold Ford Jr. just arrived to New York, but as a native and lifelong resident, I know what New York values are, and I know a snake oil salesman when I see one. You simply can’t claim to be pro-equality if you’ve twice voted to enshrine discrimination into the U.S. Constitution.

While it may be tempting for Mr. Ford to compare himself to people like Sen. Chuck Schumer, the fact remains that Sen. Schumer — who did evolve on his position on marriage equality — has been a longtime supporter of several pieces of legislation that are very important to LGBT people and never supported the awful Federal Marriage Amendment. Harold Ford Jr. is no Chuck Schumer, and he is no Kirsten Gillibrand.
WOW, WOW, WOW!  So Mr. Capelle, you just single out how Ford doesn't compare to Senator Schumer, but you conveniently ignored how former President Clinton was for the DOMA and signed it, but didn't repent and reform until recently.  Ford like other Southern black politicos may have ambiguous or flat out change stance on LGBT/SGL issues but if somebody like Schumer, Clinton are given a pass.  Interesting, indeed. 

I'm also shaking my head at how Pam Spaulding along with Rod McCullom are going into fall out assault mode on Ford, yet he said made his platform clear.  It's like I said some will give others a pass, but antagonize others that are usually black to the end of all time even if they change their stances.  Why can't you just take him for whom he is now because if Gillibrand might be just a "wolf in sheep's clothing" as anybody else.  SMDH

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