Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cruella Deville will not run for a fifith term on the Jeffco Commission

Congrats Cruella, I mean, Bettye Fine Collins for having the common sense to realize that you have a better chance of going to hell than being reelected to the Jefferson County Commission.  It's not a surprise considering under her tenure as Commission President, i.e. pretty much the head fool who runs the county government, that there have been more meltdowns at Jefferson County than the 3-Mile Island in Pennsyvlania.  Now if we could tell Shelia Smoot to realize that about running for Alabama's 7th Congressional district race and William Bell about running for Birmingham mayor then we will be on to something.  IT'S OVER, FOLKS!  TIME FOR YOU ALL TO GO HOME AND GET REGULAR JOBS THAT DOESN'T INVOLVE MAJOR DECISIONMAKING THAT AFFECTS ANYBODY BUT YOURSELF AND YOUR HOUSEHOLD!

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