Monday, January 11, 2010

Harry Reid and the unspoken things that some people think...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know US Senator and Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said something that a number of us black folks realize about Barack Obama and other educated black folks.  Also he touched upon the imagery of what some people think about lighter toned, educated, and/or well-spoken blacks.  It's ashame that we still live in a world where some whites and blacks think that if you are lighter means better, but if you are light-toned, educated, and well-spoken then you are "acceptable".  I'm dumbfounded yet not really surprised at all this.  Now, Al Sharpton and Congressional Black Caucus supporting him

In related news, Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele needs to STFU.  He is claiming that if it was somebody white and Republican then the DNC would be calling for their head.  There are even claims that these remarks are as bad as the remarks former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott said about how good of a guy that Strom Thurmond was.  That is true, but you are the token negro of the RNC/GOP and they are plotting your demise at this very moment.  Let's not forget about "Y'all come.  I got the fried chicken and potato salad" comments in the interview with the young male asking about inclusion of non-whites into the GOP.  You are the same fool who wrote a book and touring for it, but had to start canceling appearances and interviews because they are back in the shed grinding and sharpening the axe for your ass.  Simpleton.

Democrats and Republicans are both parties with racist, racially bias, and racially aversive individuals with more hang ups than phone operator, but let's be real.  The Republicans have a way more racially aversive platform overall than the more inclusive platform of the Democrats.  As an Independent, I will vote for a candidate of either party as long as they have a proper and productive and progressive platform, but the Republican party is a joke these days regulated to the South and exurban areas.  

Ignorance all around the way...

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