Sunday, January 31, 2010

LGBT legal organization tells outed Atlanta Falcon fullback Mughelli STFU

The well-known for the U.S. Supreme Court case overturning sodomy laws in most Southern states which equated to making anal sex illegal in 2003, Lambda Legal, told Atlanta Falcon fullback Ovie Mughelli to quit it with the legal attempts to silence bloggers over the whole outing by an alleged jilted ex-lover.  The fact that Mughelli tried to use his legal team to threaten everybody with a cease-and-desist shows that ole boy doesn't have a legal leg to stand on since he has denied it and being called "gay" isn't considered defamation of character anymore.  He's stuck like chuck and will just have to face the fact that his pressed ass has been outed and called out by the ex.  I'm not feeling sorry for him at all, so he needs to pick up his sippy cup of STFU.   

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