Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The jackal has been coronated...

Today at 2:00 P.M. in downtown Birmingham in Linn Park and in front of Birmingham City Hall, the jackal known as William Bell was inaugurated as mayor of Birmingham.  Of course, the chain of fools such as former mayor personally dubbed by me as "Big Chief No-Do", Bernard Kincaid, was in attendance along there was Frank Matthews, the new golddigger (I mean 2nd wife) of Civil Rights activist Fred Shuttlesworth, Shelia Shuttlesworth, and the other fools who think that Bell will mean well for Birmingham.  What's even more embarassing is the fact that former federal justice and attorney U.W. Clemmons, sworn Bell in and will be apart of his staff.  This is displaying that Birmingham is a three-ring circus for only the niggas and the fools that buy into their demagoguery.  I'm not surprised, but another sign from many directions and above that Birmingham is not my home anymore and I'm well on my way of hatching a plan to be leaving this place soon and there is no change of mind (because when I make it up then it is final).  SMH.

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