Saturday, January 16, 2010

More negativity...

It must be all out war between Team Cooper and Team Bell because the mudslinging has gotten to a point of hilarity on my end.  Interim mayor Roderick Royal has called for both camps to tone it down, but why because Team Bell started and Team Cooper apparently wants to finish it.

Team Cooper, which apparently includes radio spot announcer and prospective Jefferson County Commission District 1 candidate, Chris Tally, has gotten out there.  He exposed Bell for his past allegations about a domestic spat between him and his wife, Sharon, back in 1979.  The report was profiled in the Birmingham News, Birmingham 911 records, and by UAB Hospital, but Bell and his wife denies it even occurred.  Meanwhile, Bell and his band of retards and degenerates have stirred up about Patrick Cooper's divorce from his wife which is sealed, but even tryied to tie him to his former firm, Maynard, Cooper & Gale with the Jefferson County bond swaps by former Jeffco Commissioner and Birmingham mayor Larry Langford.  Langford tried to do that portion of the dirty work saying that Cooper and his former firm contacted him for the work involving the bond swap.  Either way, Cooper still doesn't have the wrap sheet or plethora of negative history as long as William Bell, so Team Bell can jump off a bridge because nobody really cares about Cooper's past since he hasn't been involved in Birmingham politics since the 1970s as Bell.

It kind of reminds me of why I can't stand stupid simplistic black people because they are just as bad as ignorant whites, but they try their best to play dumb when you call them out and swear they don't racebait.  Idiots, is the best word to describe those who support Team Bell, and the idiocy and complacency is why Birmingham has been stuck on neutral since the late 1980s in a number of categories because we have been represented by ignorant black leadership or inept ones that doesn't do anything.  I would rather have a black leader like Patrick Cooper because at least he has the common sense to realize to make progress you have to leave the past in the past when it comes to some aspects of racial issues, but remember that those who are still being affected by such has to be helped while other things such as economic development, urban revitalization, and crime must be tackled as well.

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