Friday, January 8, 2010

The Atlanta Falcon fullback's business gets put out there...

According to evidence presented as proof by blogger Miss Jia, Media Fake Out, I mean Media Take Out, and Gyrant Unplugged, Ovie Mughelli's personal life of being an closeted homosexual male gets exposed to the world via an alleged ex-boyfriend.  The long narrative details their romance dating back to 2001 where Mughelli was still a Junior in college and just the run-of-the-mill college football player, but there also details about their on-again-off-again situation over the period of 5 years.  This unknown ex with the initials F.S. has given Miss Jia the evidence of U.S. Postal Service overnight package of tickets and reservations of hotel rooms for him to stay in when Mughelli wanted him near him.  Now of course, the self-deprecating ones of the world got behind a computer than called the ex, "bitter bitch" etc.  Honestly, if Mughelli did do what he did to him, sometimes love does make one blind and foolish and can one really blame them fully?  I mean things involving the matters of the heart is a tricky and intricate where sometimes things may occur that in normal situation where people would avoid, but doesn't because of the fear of losing somebody they care about deeply.  Anyways, this is another case of WOW, WOW, WOW, in my book.

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  1. I am so sadden by this story. The lives of the parties involved will never be the same. The result may lead to more homophobia in the locker room.



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