Friday, January 8, 2010

Former TN Congressman Harold Ford, Jr. is trying to run for US Senate from NY?

Now, this is a case of trying to get a spot so bad that one will do things that are just pointless in my book.  In this case with former Congressman Harold Ford, Jr. moving from his Memphis-based seat to a failed, yet close run for U.S. Senate in Tennessee where he got so many racial innuendos thrown his way via the Tennessee GOP to potentially running for U.S. Senate again but for New York.  This is just crazy in my opinion because he thinks he do a "Hillary Clinton" and just shift from a Southern state to New York state then get elected then he is sadly mistaken.  One thing is Clinton had recognition across the board since she was the former First Lady, and another thing Clinton is way more progressive than Ford on key issues such as same-sex union, women's rights, and the works.  He took a job at Merrill Lynch just about 4 years ago and now he want to take a helm of acclaim after such a short time in NYC.  Clinton got the side-eye from me, but Ford is getting the bigger side-eye because he already ran in his home state, but wants to try again in a state where he is practically a nobody.

What's even more interesting is Senate. Charles Schumer and Majority Leader Harry Reid called NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg to ask him not to back Ford in the primary challenge against NY Governor David Patterson's appointed Kirsten Gillibrand for the US Senate seat.  Gillibrand is more progressive as a Senator than she was a Congressman where she was for anti-gun control and immigration.  Bloomberg is being vindictive because Patterson appointed Gillibrand over his close personal friend Caroline Kennedy for the US Senate seat, so his support of Ford although he is the opposite of most things New Yorkers like in a senator.

Oh, what a web we weave!

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  1. This will be interesting to see how this plays out



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