Monday, November 21, 2011

So ready to have this stuff over with Auburn

After nearly 3 going 4 months of silence, I feel like this is the reason why I 'm tired to that place.  I stay on the road leaving town because it is easier and there are no remainders that place.  Lately, I've been relaxing by chilling at home away from the foolishness.  Auburn is just one of those places where I feel and know people are just brought there so there can front with pseudo-egalitarian atmosphere, but in reality the place is very socially segregated and as about as anti-progressive as the rest of the state of Alabama.  Honestly, I can't truly name or point to much research Auburn has conducted that is associated with anything of importance other than farming techniques and veterinarian medicine treatments for animals.

Honestly, the most aggravation has come from me working with a moron in my assistantship that displays why I know for a fact the graduate program in community planning at Auburn University is pathetic.  For starters, the dude can bare speak English, lacks the discernment to realized that people have other responsibilities aside from working with him, and finally he couldn't teach a small child how to tie a shoe so much as bullshit suppose to be doing.  To sum it up, this shit is ridiculous and as about as productive as watching water boil.

As I mentioned last year, the area might as well be given to the state of Georgia because nothing about the region is economically or socially attached to Alabama.  The Auburn-Opelika area is basically a western extension of the Columbus area in west Georgia like Phenix City is in Russell County.  It just makes you wonder why is Auburn University in Alabama nearly half of its student body (some 40%) are from Georgia.

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  1. interesting to think about. I didn't know it was a mess



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