Saturday, September 24, 2011

My reasons for my absence

Lately, I've been trying my damnest not just up and quit with Auburn University and their clearly patriarchal, anti-non-white institutional environment.  While I'm busy trying to finish and maintain my high GPA, I'm contending with the researcher from hell in this assistantship (which I have seriously contemplating quitting after this semester).  It's clear as day that Auburn is not a place for me at all because 1) It lacks ethnic, social, and cultural diversity, 2) It's a patriarchal environment, 3) It has no connection anything I need in the long-term career goals, and 4) lack of social egalitarianism .  Sorry, but I can give 2 shits and a flush about how people perceive my comments about their "precious Auburn", I look at it the same way as I look at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, as a place whether any non-white with any dignity and a piece of mind wouldn't be unless they are visiting family in the area.

I hope to get back to somewhat sporadic posting soon, but I have much to do and little time.


  1. 3) It has no connection anything I need in the long-term career goals

    Now that's a good reason to up and leave. The only questions left are how far along are you in your studies and how much drama would be involved in having your credits transferred and transcripts faxed.

  2. Hi Kayman,
    I am a journalism student researching blogs like "Thoughts and Rants of an Independent." Do you have an email address where I could get in touch with you?

    Tyler Jones

  3. Hi Tyler, I can be contacted at I appreciate your viewing and consideration for my blog.



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