Friday, July 8, 2011

People and things that needs to get got...

Let's see, I said back in the summer of 2007 when the Democratic presidential primary season was already in a very early full swing that Hillary Clinton was going to "get got" because of the fuckery she was pedalling towards then-Illinois U.S. Senator Barack Obama.  In 2011, well I have to say another person is going to "get got" if they don't STFU soon.  That person is Minnesota's 6th District Congresswoman, Michelle "Chickenhead" Bachmann.

This fool just doesn't quit.  Let's see, she hates LGBT/SGLs, she thinks black children were better off under slavery, she thinks the White House is joking about defaulting on its debt payments, and the list goes on and on an on.  Everyone that keeps up with politics can tell she is (or has) been gunning for the "ranting white lady spot" that Sarah Palin's ass kept in herself in.

Also in Alabama State Senator, Scott Beason, of Gardendale needs his ass to be gotten for sure.  He is not only a racist that doesn't think much of black Alabamians, but an all-around bigot.  He is trying to defend his asinine bill-turn-into-law on immigration in Alabama before the world.  It's like a horrible episode of some idiotic sitcom from the 1950s running-a-mok.  This eurocentric bullshit is what is contributing to the breakdown of civility in our society.

However when it comes to Beason,  the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), ACLU, and others organizations are fighting back.  Today, a lawsuit was filed in federal court against this regressive Alabama law  that basically gives the A'OK for law enforcement to racially profile anybody that isn't white.

(h/t to Left in Alabama)

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