Sunday, February 6, 2011

Free wifi and IT training for Birmingham residents

Not a bad idea at all.

WiFi, short for wireless internet, is set to be installed in a couple of places throughout Birmingham particularly in some housing communities.  This initiative is funded by a $500,000 federal grant for designed to bring technology to those who can least afford it.  Also another $75,000 federal grant is to fund training and education of 15-21 year olds in information technology (IT) for certification and other computer science oriented trades.  The city of Birmingham will be distributing the funds and conducting the programs.

Of course the C.A.V.E. (citizens against virtually everything) twats are on the comment section of the story on the Birmingham News site whining and proclaiming another "socialist agenda".  Of course, as usual you know most of these "commenters" are white Republican suburbanites or exurbanites that are the first to talk negative about an urban area yet will be the first to cheer for their own social welfare programs conducted by their local governments.  However, the morons fail to realize this is a form of economic development for the city of Birmingham and the region as a whole since it provides a trade for youths seeking a career in information technology. 

(h/t to the Birmingham News for the links)


  1. I would like to start in saying I am not a good debater nor do I post comments to blogs...I found your blog after reading about Mayor Bell's proposal for sending the delegates to Alaska ( which is totally crazy )..I will have a comment for you later on that...I am all for given those who cannot afford it free education, but free wifi? How are they going to use the internet with out a computer that has wireless.... next they will be giving out free laptops.. Doesn't the Birmingham area already have free internet at the Library and golly gee they have books there also...which are free to rent. Why not use that money to teach them that life IS NOT about what can be given to you freely but how to earn an honest living and actually working hard for a goal and paying for your own high speed internet. Again I know I am on a little rant here but when my kid ask for something they dont really need we make him do chores which builds character and provides a base work ethic that if your work hard you can accomplish your goal and get what you would "like" to buy at the store.

  2. CJ, there is free wifi at the libraries, but in recent months a number of libraries in the City of Birmingham closed. Also the libraries in Jefferson County altogether aside from the ones in the wealthier suburbs like Hoover, Vestavia Hills have had to reduce hours and services. Also the majority of the funds will go towards training which would provide a certification for students to obtain a trade, which could lead to work in information technology (IT). Economic development initiatives come in many forms and this one offers training for a trade.

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  5. I'm glad to hear this, and I am a strong advocate for IT Training in general. With technology becoming so much more prevalent, people need to be able to correctly utilize it.

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