Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Epic battle between Terri Sewell versus Shelia Smoot


Well, the sides have been defined and it seems that the battle to claim the helm of the Democratic nomination for Alabama's 7th congressional district seat.  Jefferson County commissioner and former WBRC "FOX6" consumer affairs reporter, Shelia Smoot, has made her amends to grab the endorsements of the black political interest group Alabama Democratic Caucus (ADC) aka "Joe Reed & Co." along with the Alabama Education Association (AEA) also co-headed by Reed and Paul Hubbard.  According to the Birmingham News, Smoot also has received the endorsements from South Carolina congressman and Democratic House Whip James Clyburne along with Homeland Security chairman Bennie Thompson.  Whereas, attorney and womens' rights activist Terri Sewell has lined up the endorsements from feminist interest group Emily's List, equal pay advocate Lily Ledbetter,  Alabama black interest group New South Coalition (headed by Alabama State Senator Hank Saunders), and amount of unofficial support from labor unions.

The lines have been drawn who supports whom, but the real question is who's the better candidate for Congress?  I can speak on this personally since I live in the district.  It's Terri Sewell.  She has clearly defined herself as a social progressive that stands on the right side of gay rights issues, women's rights, economic development, health care reform, equal pay for both genders, and financial reform.  Meanwhile, Shelia Smoot has been mired with baggage like Erykah Badu's song "Bag Lady".  Smoot has been on the Jefferson County Commission since 2002, and since then they have soared in bond debt from county-owed sewer system (and bond swaps administered by former county commission president Larry Langford), sued numerous times over personnel quips involving Smoot, and let's not forget when Jeffco couldn't even make payroll where Smoot along with the other commissioners with the exception of Bobby Humphryes refused to take a paycut.  

I'm absolutely loving Sewell's haters like RedEye on her little double-dutch short bus blog (this is same fool whom I've had to shut down numerous times on Left in Alabama for being so damn irrational and illogical while debating ).  I love this line:
"Sheila Smoot has street creds, which may be why she has so called "negative baggage". Anytime you are active in the community you will have favorable and unfavorable opinions."
First of all, it's "street cred", there is no "s" on "cred" (***EYE ROLL***), but I had to laugh at this fool because this person is another one of those retards that I talk about constantly suffering from delusions of misinformation and impropriety.  How in the hell does she have "street creds"  when all she has ever done is worked as a news station report and now a county commissioner that shows up at events so that her face is seen.  REALITY CHECK: Smoot's going to be unemployed without a full-time job for the first time in 8 years after December and needs this gig in Congress as an income.  She hasn't been that good of a commissioner considering she knew about state law that requires the posting of commission meetings minutes and county documents, but didn't even attempted to do it until the Birmingham News exposed her and the rest of the commission.

Then there is Smoot's shill on Left in Alabama, gradyw, whom was officially outed by one of the blog's moderators after constantly be relentlessly basing accusations about Sewell while blatantly omitting Smoot's baggage.

Yeah, it's pretty obvious along with that Sewell is the wiser choice since she isn't baggage ridden as Smoot.  Then all one has to look at the endorsements of the Reed & Co. and AEA to make continue to second guess on Smoot's candidacy.  I'm shaking my head at James Clyburne, but then yet doesn't he have his own state's Democratic party's foolishness to worry about?  Also I don't care at all for the New South Coalition aka "Saunders & Co.", but if it will get Sewell elected over Smoot then so be it...

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