Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Alright, now

I'm back to posting for this short in-between semester break and will try to continue throughout the summer when possible.  First thing first, my personal life...single again but by choice.  Couldn't deal with the idiot I dated for over a year so it had to cease and desist.  Secondly, I'm doing good academically with a 4.0 graduate-level GPA, so hopefully I'll continue this trend until the end, next year.  Third, what the hell is wrong with some people in south of the Greater Birmingham region in Alabama?  I swear this region is like the abyss for intelligence outside of these college campuses.  I've met 5 people non-affiliated with the university I attend for graduate school, Auburn University, and only 2 of them have shown any ability to hold my attention beyond 5 minutes.  Now I know why people don't deal with this region...

Anyways, on the societal issues.  Yeah, Birmingham (and Tuscaloosa but to me all of it is Birmingham since it's all one urbanized region) got hit hard by the April 27th tornado outbreak.  It turned out the tornado outbreak was quantitatively larger and deadlier than the Super Outbreak of 1974, but it is debated on the strength comparison.  I just know I was in the middle of finals when this outbreak occurred on that now historical Wednesday stuck doing presentations and examinations throughout the day.  It along with the April 16th tornado outbreak in North Carolina has shown Alabama and the world that nature still has plans under its sleeves for our increasingly belligerently ignorant and divisive society.  Raleigh and Birmingham will be dealing with the aftermath of these significant weather phenomena for the next few years.

On politics, I swear the aversive racists have shown their asses literally.  First, President Obama listens and folds to Front Lace Wig aka Donald the Chump over his birth certificate, and there was no merits to the bullshit claims.  Then, he takes out Usama bin Laden and the racists keeps adding flames to the fire by whining about seeing his body.  Then the brigade of assholes on the GOP ticket running for the presidency is laughable from Newt "I'm a whore" Gingrich to Mitch Romney.  The idiocy begins and this time it's racial.

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  1. I cosign on that entire post. Wish I said that.



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