Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tricky Dicky's power stunt might cost Republicans later on this year

Alabama's U.S Senator Richard "Tricky Dicky" Shelby is impeding any progress in the nomination process of any of the 70 nominated for the Obama administration over "pork" projects he wants for this state.  He wants the defense contracts, FBI training center, and money for other pet projects from federal dollars to return to Alabama.  This jackass is hoping to appease the delusional and WASP-y crowd that will buy anything he is selling because he wants deserves this "pork money" more than the reality of the federal deficit and wants to bad-mouth Obama as being "useless" as his empty-head, blind followers would buy.  FYI, he has more than 5 buildings across Central Alabama that bare his or his families' name on it.

However, little do he realize this can be a ball in the Obama administration and Democrats' corner since this is doing exactly what they have been claiming "obstructing progress in Washington".  Shelby might ironically wind up costing his fellow Republican comrades or comrades in running for office some major political capital.  Also let's not forget how John "McSame" McCain is the anti-thesis of pork and they are in the same party and house of Congress - the Senate.  It's going to be very interesting thanks to this dubious attempt to blackmail the Obama administration and Washington over some self-centered shit.  Alabama isn't the most important place in the nation, and anybody with half-a-brain knows this.

UPDATE:  He backed off on his holds after the press and everybody else made an ass of him, especially with the Republicans gaining a reputation as obstructionists.

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