Thursday, February 4, 2010

RANT: I call it like I see it!

It's rather amusing what has been going on with the emotion-based, irrational diatribes of some people in the LGBT/SGL blogosphere about the whole "Democratic leadership" and "Obama administration" issue.  I've learned to just take an objective approach when it comes to stupidity or emotional, irrational convictions, and that is GET THE FUCK OVER IT.  If you spend 95% of your time complaining about those who don't agree with you, yet you get somebody like myself calling you out then guess what that just might be some evidence to validate what you were told. Then there is the curious case of some bloggers taking things personal when I did exactly that because, in my own opinion, I'm not here to make friends with anybody that doesn't share my objectivity on issues at all (in other words always gets bent all out of shape when somebody doesn't agree with you).  I can respect you, but when you take things very personal then that is all on you.  However, it just reinforces what David Kaufman said just last week about the some of the main LGBT/SGL bloggers and their egos on issues.  LMAO!  Yeah Rod, you are included in this bunch as well.

I can't help, but laugh at the fact that all of a sudden how so many of the constant whiners are eating crow after the State of the Union speech and actions behind the words of the Obama administration with the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell".  The question is how long will the whiners be appeased before they start to whine again.  All I will say is this, if you force change overnight it usually have adverse results of what you wanted or intended. 




    Look Kayman, I have been following your blog since its very early days. My friends and I have started a new blog aimed at the black gay community. We do not have much visible leadership out there and we want to do what we can..even if it just starts out as a blog. I would really love to invite you to write for this blog anytime you feel the need to. You have a very bright, sharp, and intelligent mind and we could really use it.

    there it is. We just launched it a few days ago and I am making more posts to it as we speak. Please let me know if you are interested.

  2. I so appreciate the love, Dovie Lee! I would be honored to contributed time to time. I've added you guys to my follow and blog links on this site.

  3. Great! Is your email on your profile? Ill send you an invite to the blog.



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