Saturday, February 6, 2010

Poor DC and Baltimore!

I know that those "Southern cities in denial" are both getting hit hard this week by a major snowstorm that has up to 2 feet of snow on the ground in both cities and their shared metropolitan region.  However, the true test to me if a city is considered non-Southern or not is how they react to such an event.  DC failed epicly with their residents all racing to the supermarkets and retailers that sold bread, milk, and other snowstorm foods.  Instead, Baltimore did show it is more Northern than Southern since their residents were quite passe' about the snow, but the city did shutdown which is another sign of "Southern-ness" of their city.  Interesting, both cities mass transit systems are still operating, but the majority of DC Metrorail is underground.  Baltimore on the other hand is a hybrid of both subway and light rail, but they are still operating as well. 

Regardless, both cities are Southern and they can deny it until hell freezes over, but NYC, Philadelphia, etc. haven't nor doesn't shut down for anything.  Hence why they are considered Northeastern cities whereas DC and Baltimore are just pretending to be that, but they know what they really are...

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