Saturday, February 6, 2010

Superbowl and why I envy those in South Florida right now

I'm stuck working on a project for graduate school, but I really would LOVE to be in South Florida right now.  No lie!  I would be just relaxing and laughing at the debauchery that is occuring there with everybody flocking there including the bach-bachheads and whores to get with the NFL players for God-knows what reason.  Regardless, I would be living it up in SoFlo because it much nicer and sunnier than it is here in Birmingham.

However, I wanted to take time out to say that this might be Miami and South Flroida's last Superbowl if the region's leaders don't pony up the funds to renovate and find an retractable coverage for SunLife Financial Stadium in northern Miami-Dade County.  The word on the street is that the NFL wants them to "upgrade the stadium to modern NFL standards", which means "fix it, making it bigger and better, or we're out".  Man, the NFL commission is a trip since the stadium formerly known as Dolphin Stadium (until January), is a relatively modern NFL facility.  I mean if they are looking for a Texas-size upgrade like Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, then they are on some stupid crap for sure.  Miami is a warm, tropical place, so what do you expect.  Even if it does rain there, it's not like you can't still have the game compared to much colder and snowier places like in the NYC, Chicago, etc. where they have open-air stadia and couldn't host a Superbowl for nothing.  Sheesh!

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