Saturday, February 13, 2010

As I women said, "No, thanks John!" to John Mayer's apology

On Thursday, while performing his song "Gravity", John Mayer interrupted his performance to apologize to fans about this recent comments.  However, a number of prominent black women said, "Thanks, but no thanks, John!" about his apology. 

Holly Robinson Peete was mentioned in the Playboy interview and complimented about her looks by Mayer, but the she said this after reading the entire interview:

It's crucial for African-American women to understand that I would never knowingly gush about such a compliment had I had any clue that it was bookended by these racially denigrating comments about black women. I feel disgusted by it. I went from flattered to flat-out pissed."
It gets even better than that, comedienne Lunell let Mayer have it on TMZ on TV by saying, "Nobody wants your small ass dick, white boy!"  LOL

Well Mr. Mayer, it's unanimous your "nigger card" has been burnt up and a number of black women have said they don't want your small dick, LMAO!

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