Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Orleans elects it first white mayor in a generation...

Unfortunately, my professional life has seriously impeded upon my following of the New Orleans mayoral race, but apparently Moon Landrieu's youngest child, Mitch, won the seat of New Orleans' mayor last night.  Also the twisted irony is that Moon was New Orleans' last white mayor since 1978.  He beat everybody by a psuedo-"landslide" considering he only won by 66% in a field of 5 candidates.  The surprise to me is that Atlanta tried to do the same thing, but the racialized politics cloudy this and hence why we have Kasim Reed aka "Fathead" in office.  Anyways, congrats N.O. considering you had Ray "C-Ray" Nagin as mayor for the past 8 years and prove to be a bigger joke than anybody else in recent history of local politics.

Now, the whole political football over endorsing New Orleans over Indianapolis is so trivial to me, so have at to everybody else.  It is what it is.  I would say just enjoy the game...

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