Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Birmingham is $77M in deficit...

Well, well, well, the jackal had to admit this afternoon that the City of Birmingham is facing a $77 million in the deficit for the fiscal year 2010.  At its half way point in the fiscal year, the city brought in $35 million shorter in revenue than anticipated under the Langford-led administration and Smitherman-led City Council, and even worse the jackal-led administration is about as clueless as they come.  Bell is saying that the city needs to make cutbacks or the shortfall will come a reality.  REALITY CHECK: IT IS A REALITY, JACKAL!  You and your hair brained projects like pushing forward with the BJCC multipurpose facility expansion under your inept ass would be as wise as the man with his last dollar going to the casino to put it in a slot machine.  This is pathetic yet not surprising to me because Bell is an idiot and unable to competently to lead Birmingham.  Instead of focusing on mass transit like Patrick Cooper said Birmingham needs to do which is apart of its infrastructure, Bell wants to continue with the same path laid out by Langford...

I'm wondering how the jackal plans on paying James S. Holbrook, CEO of Sterne Agee & Leach with the city suffering that huge shortfall?  Hmmm...

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