Monday, February 22, 2010

Wait a minute! Did the jackal admit Birmingham can't fund the BJCC expansion?

Yeah, I think the jackal did.  He is so damn stupid like the 54% of the 30% of eligible votes within the City of Birmingham that did vote on January 19th.  Meanwhile, myself and the other 46% knew otherwise that it couldn't because the city of Birmingham is treading on broke aside from its capital expenditures which wouldn't be enough to fund the expansion of the BJCC.  It's like DUH!, but of course some assholes wanted to vet or didn't personally like Patrick Cooper so now jackal is backpedaling in the mayor's chair about what he said on the campaign trail.  ANYWAYS! 

Birmingham needs to be taking care of basic daily operations and getting the books straight rather than trying to fund something that requires something like capital.  That is clearly something the city is lacking at the moment and the jackal and the City Council knows this...

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