Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Well, why was there not many black males at the National Equality March in DC?

This post is piggybacking on what a post that Darian Aaron on Living out Loud with Darian blog discussing why no black same-gender loving (SGL) males were absent from the gay civil rights movement.

Well, in my opinion there are number of issues occurring with people of color, so ranging from economic issues, self-identity, self-esteem, and racial bias from the predominately white mainstream LGBTs fold.  It boils down to whether or not a person can identity themselves more as a black person than a LGBT person.  Honestly, I know for myself I do identify as a black person more than a bisexual person of color because I don't have a collective mindset about something as abstract as sexuality.  I'm more concerned about my economic well-being in the long-run than whether or not some things like same sex unions are passed when at the end of the day bills have to be paid.  Everyone does have the privilege of being in a place in their lives where they can forego everything to focus on something like rights and privileges aimed specifically towards their sexuality. 

Also the numbers don't lie, most black males tend to deal with more economic hardships than his female counterpart.  The same goes with education attainment, livelihood, health, life expectancy, etc., so there are a number of things affecting so many that when you throw sexuality it is just gets some cumbersome that many will ignore or place it at the bottom of priorities.

Also I've seen how insolent that many white and non-black LGBTs have been about the obvious racial issues that face LGBTs of color, but rather ignore it to worry about gay rights more than equality for all.  There also seems to be even a sift amongst black LGBTs themselves where some are more incline to identity themselves by their sexuality than their color.  That alone says a lot about black LGBTs.  

In summary, when you look at how much black people in general have to put up with (negative connotations about the black image) then add on the issues that anyone that is non-heterosexual in a heterosexualist society and finally the issues amongst LGBTs about blacks due to the aforementioned stereotypes then you would understand what, why, and how some black SGL males doesn't place emphasis on gay civil rights.

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  1. Also there is not enough outreach to black community



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