Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Gubernatorial race drama

Democratic gubernatorial candidate and current U.S. Congressman Artur Davis announced yesterday that he supports a rewrite of Alabama antiquated state constitution.  If elected in 2010, Davis said he would work to get potential delegates' names on the same ballot as the presidential primary in 2012. 

He said a new constitution would allow the legislature to vote on no longer charging sales tax on baby formula and prescription drugs, using transportation dollars for mass transit, and letting cities and counties decide on local economic development issues.  All of which impede any real growth or progression of Alabama on so many fronts from social issues to basic governmental functions.

Shortly after the press conference, fellow Democratic gubernatorial candidate/Alabama Commissioner of Agriculture Ron Sparks issued a press release about his stance to review the constitution article by article, rather than a wholesale change.
Sparks criticized Davis for highlighting the issue rather than the state's financial crisis.  Sparks said,

"How many jobs will a constitutional convention create?" "Will a constitutional convention keep Alabama families out of foreclosure or create new revenue streams to address massive budget shortfalls?
"This is simply more smoke and mirrors from the Davis campaign."
Oh Sparks, you can't think of a single original idea can you?  This is going to get very nasty before this is even over.

The state constitution still has segregationist-era laws written into 800 sections and amendments, but null and voided by federal precedents prohibiting segregation of public facilities, poll taxes, etc.  However, it still there and basically been amended to death with the title being the world's longest constitution (even bigger than the Iraqi constitution) with 800+ amendments.

IT GETS BETTER:  The "kiss of  political death" was given by former Birmingham mayor Richard Arrington to Ron Sparks.  It has been provened that everone endorsed by Arrington has lost their political campaign  Arrington formally endorsed Sparks in the Democratic nomination for Governor.

"I have spent most of my life making decisions based on race," Arrington said. "Now, as my political life is waning, I want to move away from doing that and reach out to blacks and whites in hopes that we can make good decisions together, and I think Ron Sparks will be a good governor."

"I think if we are ever to move forward, across racial lines in this state, we have got to begin to trust each other, work with each other, and I think Ron Sparks can be the kind of governor that helps to make that possible."

O'RLY Richard!  Yeah, I find your so-called stance as valid as anything that comes out of Rush Limbaugh's mouth about being non-racist.  You just wanted to diss Davis because didn't want to appoint your out-of-touch behind to his gubernatorial cabinet.  Don't hate, just congratulate on another black man trying to be the first black governor of Alabama.

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